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Excellence in Diversity: The Handbook for Recruiting and Hiring for a More Socially Diverse KU Faculty 

Excellence in Diversity is a handbook developed to emphasize greater equity and diversity in our search, recruitment, and hiring practices.  It was initially developed by the Office of Diversity and Equity and a subcommittee of the Campus Equity Implementation Committee (CEIC).  The process of review included the solicitation of comments from academic Deans, other upper administrators and General Counsel.  In addition, the Offices of Diversity and Equity, Faculty Development and Human Resource Management worked collaboratively to provide a comprehensive review to streamline the new handbook process and guidelines with Hiring for Excellence.  This year, AY 2018-2019, KU is piloting use of the handbook for tenure/tenure -track faculty searches only. A version of the handbook that focuses on staff is in progress, though units are free to utilize this as a resource in the meantime. Units and search committees are highly encouraged to use this draft of Excellence in Diversity as a guide as they move forward with on-going and new recruitment efforts. Annie McBride, Director of Projects and Policy Development, Offices of Diversity and Equity, will serve as the primary point of contact for all questions and concerns as units move through this pilot year. The Office of Diversity and Equity, Faculty Development, and Human Resource Management will work together to respond to questions, as appropriate. 

Units will be asked to provide feedback about the use of the Handbook once their search and recruitment processes are complete. At that time, comments will be solicited via electronic survey, though written feedback is always welcome. These sources of information will be used to guide revisions in the Handbook in preparation for AY 2019-20 implementation.


For questions contact:
Jennifer Ng
Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Development 
Center for Faculty Development and Mentoring, Office of the Provost

Email: jcng@ku.edu
Phone: 785-864-9660