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The Office of Academic Inclusion

About the Position

In 2015, student-led protests across the country and at KU brought renewed attention to the diversity that exists in higher education and the importance of equitable and inclusive practices across all aspects of campus life.  Recognizing academics as a central part of our university’s mission, KU’s Student Senate allocated funds expressly to support student learning and success.  These funds are what make the Director of Academic Inclusion possible.
The Director of Academic Inclusion is a tenured faculty person with extensive instructional experience related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  The Director reports to the Vice Provost of Diversity and Equity and advances the objectives of this Office by:
Helping students navigate specific classroom and academic concerns, 
Providing targeted support and instructional consultation to graduate teaching assistants, lecturers, and faculty members, 
Leading diversity-related training and professional development in conjunction with other campus offices, and
Evaluating the effectiveness of existing campus efforts and identifying areas of continued need.
The Director of Academic Inclusion is available to assist in a highly responsive and flexible manner—working with students and instructors one-on-one or in small groups, as well as by request for informal consultation or as university procedures have indicated that remediation is necessary.