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Pathway: A Resource for Faculty and Staff Professional Support, Development, and Advancement

Pathway is a point of contact resource for faculty and staff.  Its purpose is to serve as a source of information and guidance for those seeking support on how best to navigate professional workplace decisions and experiences related to career success at the University of Kansas.  Pathway, an Office of Diversity and Equity service, is part of KU’s broader effort to maintain an equitable and inclusive learning and workplace environment. Underrepresented racial/ethnic minorities and those from other marginalized identities are especially encouraged to consider our office as a resource, though all are welcome.

Pathway provides support to our faculty and staff in several ways, including but not limited to the following:

  • Guide and support for joint appointment considerations;
  • Guide and support for discussions with chair/faculty or supervisor/staff members regarding expectations and, in the case of faculty, the balance of research, teaching, and service;
  • Provide individual guidance for tenure‐track faculty with marginalized identities in preparation for annual reviews, Progress Toward Tenure Review, and Promotion & Tenure review;
  • Be a point of contact for resolving negative experiences on the basis of marginalized identities in the classroom and workplace;
  • Provide upon request, exit interviews for departing faculty/staff from marginalized identities
  • Facilitate faculty and staff connections to appropriate resources such as the KU Office of Institutional Opportunity & Access (IOA), Human Resource Management (HRM), University Ombuds Office, and identity-based Faculty and Staff Councils (i.e. Asian and Asian American Faculty and Staff Council, Black Faculty and Staff Council, Latinx Faculty and Staff Council, Native American Faculty and Staff Council, and Sexuality and Gender Diversity Faculty and Staff Council).


Questions? Contact Diversity and Equity!
Email: diversity@ku.edu
Website: diversity.ku.edu
Phone: 785-864-6940