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Sample Aspirational Code of Conduct

A committee consisting of Physics and Astronomy staff, undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty put together an Aspirational Code of Conduct document as of April 2019. This group creating this document by soliciting comments from the entire department as well as other people around KU and beyond.The Department of Physics and Astronomy unanimously approved the document below in a departmental assembly during the first week of April in 2019. It was also sent to all Physics and Astronomy students, staff and faculty, and will be sent to all visitors before they come to the department. To highlight this document and the values it represents, the department also created an Aspiration Code of Conduct poster that is being displayed throughout Malott Hall for the forseeable future.

Diversity and Equity sees this document as an example of impressive work, collaborative effort, and creative thinking about diversity, equity, and inclusion that we hope other departments may choose to model. View the document below. 

*Diversity and Equity did not create this document and does not have access to make any edits or official changes to this document. Questions, comments, or concerns should be sent directly to the Department of Physics and Astronomy.