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Faculty and Staff Councils

The Faculty Staff Councils at KU are self-governing bodies. The Office of Diversity lists their leadership here as a resource to our campus communities.

Asian and Asian American Faculty Staff Council

We, the Asian and Asian-American Faculty and Staff Council (AAAFSC), serve to advance the professional growth, social support, and full participation of Asians and Asian-Americans at the University of Kansas. We engage these important endeavors with a commitment to affirm individuals, advocate for diversity and equity, and enrich the campus community as consistent with our institutional mission. In order to achieve these purposes, the AAAFSC is a resource for information sharing, networking, and leadership. It is also a forum for facilitating discussion, understanding, and outreach on matters of particular relevance to Asians and Asian-Americans. More information here.

Charlie Zheng
President, Asian and Asian American Faculty Staff Council, Professor, Graduate Director, Aerospace Engineering

Latinx Faculty Staff Council

Our mission is to provide a forum for understanding issues of concern to the Latinx academic community, assist the University in recruiting and retaining Hispanic/Latinx students, faculty and staff, and provide networking opportunities for Hispanic/Latinx faculty and staff. More information here.

Michael Chavez
President, Latinx Faculty Staff Council, Assistant Director, Undergraduate Advising Center

Black Faculty Staff Council

The Black Faculty and Staff Council of the University of Kansas is committed to the future of the University and Lawrence community. Throughout the year we discuss issues of concern to faculty, staff, and students. With BFSC you will find opportunities to network with faculty, staff, students, and alumni. More information here.

President-Elect, Black Faculty Staff Council, Interim Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Michelle Wilson
President, Black Faculty Staff Council, Research Project Coordinator, Center for Public Partnerships and Research

Native Faculty Staff Council

The mission of the Native Faculty and Staff Council is to increase the recruitment, retention, leadership and success of Native people at the University of Kansas. The Native Faculty and Staff Council promotes an academic and social environment at KU. More information here.

President, Native Staff Faculty Council, Associate Professor, Law School, Director, Tribal Law Center
Melissa Peterson
Vice President, Native Staff Faculty Council, Academic Coordinator, Trio Supportive Educational Services

SGD Faculty Staff Council

The Sexuality and Gender Diversity Faculty Staff Council at KU supports the LGBTQIA+ communities at the University of Kansas by supporting programs and initiatives focused on growing a culturally rich campus through community building, advocacy, social justice and diversity education, leadership, and the development of global citizens. More information here. 

President, Sexuality and Gender Diversity Faculty and Staff Council, Assistant Professor, School of Social Welfare

Disability Inclusion Faculty and Staff Council

The Faculty Staff Council for Disability Inclusion promotes, recommends, and advocates for a climate of full inclusion across all aspects of life at the University of Kansas and beyond.  The Council will meet monthly to discuss disability issues, provide resources and expertise, promote disability as an integral component of diversity and develop policies to further advance the goal of full inclusion of individuals with disabilities.  

Chair, Faculty Staff Council for Disability Inclusion

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