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Tudor/Rieger Foundation Scholarship Advisor 

The position works as an advisor and mentor for students receiving the Tudor Foundation Scholarship and living in the KU Student Housing scholarship halls. Gallal works to ensure success among the current and future Tudor Foundation Scholars through consistent communication, advising, and mentoring. 

The students being supported by the Tudor Foundation Graduate Assistant are enrolled in the Hawk Link program as a requirement of their scholarship. Hawk Link introduces existing programs on campus to students and helps them navigate each of these programs through direct intervention. Their advisor sets and plan 2-3 in-person individual meetings with each Tudor Foundation Scholarship student during the first 6 weeks of classes. After that, the advisor maintains at least 4 points of communication monthly with each student. Gallal plans a minimum of one group event per semester to build community among the Scholars.


Gallal Obeid

About the Advisor: Gallal Obeid, MSW (

Gallal Obeid moved to Lawrence after receiving his Bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. While at KU he earned his Master’s in Social Work with a focus in administration and advocacy. Obeid currently serves as the Director of Operations with the Lawrence-Douglas County Housing Authority and maintains his position with the office of Diversity and Equity as the advisor for the Tudor Foundation Scholar’s Program, working directly with recipients of the full room and board scholarship. As an advisor and mentor for students, Obeid utilizes the strengths perspective and other tools supported by the social work profession to ensure success among the current and future Tudor Foundation Scholars. Because scholars are often arriving at KU with many barriers that could prevent them from completing their degree, Obeid works with students to help them navigate and/or remove barriers as they arise. In the last 3 years, Obeid's work with students in the program has resulted more than a 80% retention rate. The Tudor Foundation intends on adding 5-10 students every year based on funding availability and program capacity. Obeid enjoys his work at KU and has been able to connect his knowledge of the community resources to help with the success of the program. Outside of work, Obeid often finds himself out in the garden, tending to fruit trees, veggies, and flowers.