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Dr. Jennifer Hamer at McNair Scholars, 2017





Vision & Mission

The Office of the Vice Provost of Diversity and Equity (D&E) is committed to leading efforts to build a more representative, equitable, and inclusive KU. 

VISION: To lead among peers as a learning and workplace environment that is representative of our nation and global society, accepts and values everyone, appreciates our common humanity, and understands that our multiple differences are the cornerstone of academic preparation, professional excellence, and distinction.

MISSION: To move forward with urgency and purpose the creation and maintenance of a more equitable and inclusive KU by facilitating the integration of greater representation, fairness, belonging and care into our institutional policies, protocols, practices, and learning spaces.​


We affirm the complexities of our multiracial, multiethnic, and multicultural histories, cultures, and experiences.  We recognize that there are inequalities and privileges generated by historical and persistent intersecting differences by race, ethnicity, gender identities, gender expressions, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, abilities, religion, regions, veteran status, citizenship status, and nationality.  We are committed to, and hold ourselves accountable for policies, processes, and programs that appreciate these and other differences and create more fair, safe, and just learning, working, and living environments for KU students, staff, and faculty.
We are committed to, and hold ourselves accountable for, a representative KU in which the diversity of our students, staff, and faculty practice mutual respect and shared dignity in learning, working, living, and social environments in ways that provide opportunities for intellectual growth and professional development for careers, service to the public, and democratic participation in a diverse society, regardless of social, cultural and economic background and experience.
• Consistent, committed, deliberate, and clear messaging on matters of equity and inclusion • A more culturally proficient faculty, staff, administration, and student body • Foster and facilitate wellness balance as an integral part of a healthier and just Learning and workplace environment • Transparent and routine assessment of institutional DEI actions and progress • Facilitate and advance opportunities for KU community building, belonging, and inclusion for students, faculty, and staff • Accessible DEI learning and research information clearinghouse • Facilitate the development of Equity and Inclusion Strategic Action Plans • Foster the “centering” of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our curriculum to yield a student body well-informed and appropriately skilled for life-long learning, engagement, work, leadership, and innovative research in increasingly diverse communities and workplaces in a dynamic global society • Enhance resources and foster accountability for inclusive teaching and learning environments • Facilitate Supplemental DEI Learning and community engagement • Develop and enhance educational enhancement resources for marginalized students • Develop and enhance supplemental campus learning to better students for an increasingly diverse and global society.


GOAL 1: How do we improve the campus climate for all students, faculty and staff to best achieve their academic and professional goals?

GOAL 2: How do we increase recruitment and retention of a more diverse and representative faculty and staff  at KU?

GOAL 3: How do we develop an active Community of Care and belonging for all students, faculty, and staff?

GOAL 4: How do we recruit and retain a more diverse and representative undergraduate and graduate student body?


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