Creating Inclusive Events

The Office of DEIB would like to encourage community members to explore strategies for creating more inclusive events. The following tips will help to cultivate a culture of belonging, especially in event planning:
  • Review information about religious observances at KU, which includes a list of spiritual holidays across religions with recommended accommodations. Please utilize the table of dates when planning academic deadlines, committee meetings, events, or activities. To ensure that students, staff, and faculty can participate in university activities, we encourage you to avoid scheduling in conflict with spiritual days of significance.
  • Utilize the KU ADA Resource Center for Equity and Accessibility (ADA RCEA) guide on planning accessible events. They have important recommendations for ensuring access for all Jayhawks. 
  • If your program will include food, consider providing inclusive food options. We often think of vegetarian or vegan options, but it is also important to have Halal and Kosher food available.

These are just a few ways to proactively prioritize inclusivity in your sphere of influence at KU. If you have follow-up questions, email the Office of DEIB at