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The Langston Hughes Visiting Professorship at KU

  1. Call for Nominations
    1. All academic units are sent a call for nominations
    2. First Call – October
    3. Second Call – January
  2. Process for Accepting Nominations
    1. Nominations can be submitted to the academic unit; or
    2. To the Langston Hughes Visiting Professorship Committee
  3. Eligibility
    1. A letter of interest is provided by the candidate; along with
    2. A current resume
      1. Has a Ph.D, Ed.D  or related terminal degree completed
      2. Experience in higher education or field of expertise
      3. Documentation that their home institution is supportive of the appointment
    3. Evidence that the KU academic department/unit supports the nomination
    4. International applicants are encouraged to apply but must meet all requirements that meet university guidelines for the appointment.
    5. When all factors are considered, priority may be given to candidates who would advance the diversity of the faculty with their appointment.
  4. KU Department or Unit Eligibility
    1. Departments who have not received a LHVP appointment within the past three years will receive priority consideration from the LHVP committee. However, all departments are still encouraged to submit LHVP nominations;
    2. Departments must demonstrate how the LHVP nomination reflects a top programmatic need and, when appropriate a possible hiring request.
    3. Joint nominations (and subsequent appointment requests) for LHVP nominations are supported, when appropriate.
      • Note: If the nomination pool does not have a broad representation of candidates, the criteria in section IV will be reviewed by the LHVP committee.
  1. The Committee’s role
    1. Assist in the call for nomination to the KU campus
    2. Serve as a resource for inquiries from potential nominations
    3. To review the pool of nominations
      1. Identify nominations that meet the minimum criteria
      2. Eliminate nominations that do not meet the minimum criteria
        1. Notifications will be provided to those candidates who do not meet the minimum criteria; they will be encouraged to apply in the next cycle – if appropriate.
    4. To rate each of the finalists - in rank order
      1. Discuss each of the nominees
      2. Rank order the top 2 candidates; and
      3. Submit recommendation to the Provost
  2. Provost extends offer to the top candidate
    1. Academic unit and department are secured in their support
  3. Appointment is finalized by the Provost Office with a letter of offer.
    1. Terms of the appointment and responsibilities outlined in the letter of offer.
    2. A specified timeline is given for the letter of offer to be signed/or accepted.
  4. Acceptance of the Appointment
    1. Communication begins between the academic department and the Langston Hughes Visiting Professorship for a campus visit (in the spring semester).
    2. During the spring orientation campus visit – the LHVP may meet with the department chair, colleagues in the department; and if appropriate the Dean of the academic unit and Provost.
    3. The department may wish to sponsor a luncheon or dinner for the LHVP during their visit.
    4. The LHVP may wish to view living quarters during the visit
    5. The financial arrangement for this visit will be coordinated with the Office of the Provost – Office of Diversity and Equity.
  5. Fall Appointment
    1. The candidate will given office arrangement and equipment.
    2. Depending on their field of expertise, the LHVP will teach and conduct research during the semester of their appointment. This arrangement will be coordinated with the academic unit.
    3. There will be a campus-wide lecture provided by the LHVP
      1. Early in the fall semester
      2. All publicity for the event will be coordinated by the academic unit and office of the Provost
    4. A reception following the lecture will be provided by the Office of the Provost
    5. An exit interview will be required with the Vice Provost for the Office of Diversity and Equity, a representative of the host academic unit; and the chair of the LHVP committee.
    6. The LHVP will be expected to complete all assignments prior to departing the KU campus for their home institution.
  6. The Langston Hughes Visiting Professorship Committee Membership
    1. Members are appointed by the Vice Provost for Diversity & Equity.
    2. If possible, at least half of the membership will be former LHVP recipients who are currently at KU
    3. Other members may be recommended by the committee to the Vice Provost
    4. Past recipients will serve at least 5 years; with a renewal option
    5. Non-LHVP recipient committee members will serve for a three year term; with a possible renewal option
    6. The committee shall not exceed 10 members
    7. The LHVP committee will meet once a month during the academic year; or as needed.
    8. Administrative support will be provided by the Office of the Provost