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KU ID Card Replacement

Faculty and Staff

The Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging will cover replacement KU card fees for LGBTQIA+ faculty and staff who wish to change the name on the KU card to their lived/chosen name.  Please know that having a legal name change is not required for the fee waiver. 

To begin, please submit the form for a replacement cards from the KU Card Center website. After you have submitted the form, please email the Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging at and include your name, employee ID, and KU ID number in the email.  After receiving your email, we will inform the KU Card Office to send the invoice for your replacement card to our office. You will be able to get a new card without paying a card replacement fee. Please be prepared to show a legal form of ID at the KU Card Office when you visit to get your new ID. Per the KU Card Office, because the Campus ID Card is connected to many layers of security, legal identification is required. 


Please visit the Center for Sexuality and Gender Diversity's website for more information for name and gender marker change for students.

Community Resources

Word of mouth recommendations can be helpful in finding local people and places where you feel like you belong. Current staff and faculty members recommended several community resources - like health care providers, pet and child care centers, hair salons, and more - to help one another navigate Lawrence.

Excellence in Diversity Hiring Handbook


Like many universities, KU has adopted certain hiring practices to improve campus diversity. These practices have been derived from reviews of comparable institutions and professional organizations, as well as recommendations from recent scholarship. More importantly, these practices are meant to work together and reflect a framework for the hiring process that accomplishes the following:

  • Attends explicitly to the historical legacy and contemporary effects of discrimination experienced by racial and ethnic minorities and other marginalized groups;
  • Facilitates active discussion about the importance of social diversity among KU’s faculty and staff;
  • Encourages understanding about, and recognition of, bias and its effects throughout the evaluation of applicants;
  • Asserts diversity, equity, and inclusion as relevant from the start of a search (forming a search committee, drafting a position description, etc.) rather than as simply one of many considerations at the end;
  • Acknowledges the importance of professional development as a critical component of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the search and hiring process; and
  • Implements elements of diversity as best practice in hiring and in general.

In its current form, the Handbook refers specifically to searches for non-tenure and tenure-track faculty hiring. A companion handbook for staff searches is forthcoming. Until the staff handbook is available, however, portions of this Handbook could be applicable or adapted for use in staff searches as appropriate.

With input and collaboration by many campus leaders, the Hiring Handbook was created by The Center for Faculty Development and Mentoring, Human Resource Management, and the Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging.

Access Instructions for Diversity Foundations Search Committee Module

  1. Log into KU MyTalent
  2. Select the “Learning” button from the main menu.
  3. Type “Diversity Foundations Search Committee” in the Find Learning search box.
  4. Select the “Diversity Foundations_Search Committee” learning module.
  5. Select either “Start Course” to take now, or “Assign to Me” to take later.