2023 Black History Month Webinar

This event occurred virtually on Wednesday, February 8, from 3:30-5:00 PM CT.

Did You Know? BHM Edition

This session uses the dedicated 2023 Black History Month theme, Black Resistance, to reveal figures, events, and movements not usually explored to educate and fuel action in today’s world. In an engaging and interactive virtual format, participants will learn interesting facts about historical Black leaders, events, and movements related to art, journalism, education, food, and community-building to make the connection between Black History and the need to create space for different American viewpoints, experiences, and cultures in the present day.

Links shared in the webinar chat

Per request, below is a documented list of the links to resources and information shared throughout the webinar by the presenter and attendees.

Veronique L. Porter

Veronique L. Porter

I’m Veronique (but you can call me V), the Founder and Lead Educator at Ampersand Workspace. Race and gender factor into all aspects of our lives, so I teach people how to recognize race and gender-based oppression and use their power, privilege, and influence to disrupt it. Facilitated conversations are my favorite way to do this, but I also use small group trainings, workshops, and speaking engagements to shape folks’ mindsets, build their skills, and create lasting impact. I bring an international lens from my previous work in International Development, research in American studies & culture, and my current experience as a Black American woman living in the USA.

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