Co-Sponsorship & Funding Requests

Time Sensitive Update

Due to current administrative limitations, DEIB is only able to offer professional development funds to individuals whose primary role at the University is staff or faculty. Additionally, we are only able to offer co-sponsorship funds to University academic or administrative departments.

We are working with relevant parties to resolve this issue as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and sincerely hope you utilize other resources to support your professional growth.

Additionally, due to review and financial processing timelines, approved applications can take up to 6-8 weeks from time of application to receipt of funds. Faster turnaround times cannot be guaranteed. As a result, Office of DEIB staff highly encourages all to submit funding requests as early as possible. 

RISE Program Co-Sponsorship

The Office of DEIB offers supplemental support to departments, units and centers that are planning programs which promote inclusive, equitable and diverse perspectives. Projects will be evaluated through the lens of Jayhawks Rising and Realizing Intersectional Standards of Excellence (RISE).

RISE Program Funds have been used in several different ways, including:

Professional Development Funding Requests

The Office provides funding for professional development of staff, or faculty in the form of books, travel, conference fees, or training opportunities. DEIB wants to support those who seek to increase their personal fluency in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Additional Resources

We suggest that you explore additional funding sources, including but not limited to: Student Senate funding, Staff Senate fundingLaunchKUPepsi FundingThe College DEI Development FundRosalie Lanier Gray KU Staff Assistance Fund, and more.

Please note that these funding sources are not applicable to every situation and applicants should review the specific program criteria before applying.