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We all benefit from diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning and workplace environments. Learning and engaging with individuals and groups from varied backgrounds facilitates complex thinking in the classroom, innovation in discoveries, and excellence in scholarship and academic achievement. Creating such a campus demands that we each do our part. Together we can meaningfully create a more knowledgeable, fair, and welcoming KU.

A great place to start is by exploring DEIB's guide with key concepts, definitions, and common questions compiled by our team.

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Religious Observances

We are committed to equity and inclusion in our policies, practices, and protocols for respecting the religious observances of all members of the Jayhawk community.

Religious Observances

A stack of books balances on the corner of a podium next to an open laptop with a slideshow open. The spines read "Citizen," "Despite the Best Intentions," "The New Jim Crow."

Reading Programs

We will select a book, then gather on a monthly basis to discuss how we might use the reading to address current challenges and opportunities.


The Kansas Ballroom full of adults sitting at long tables for the Tilford Conference in 2021

Tilford Conference

In 2021, the University of Kansas hosted the Tilford Conference.

Tilford at KU