Judith Heumann Disability Rights Advocacy Award

The Faculty Staff Council for Disability Inclusion created an employee advocacy award in honor of the International Disability Rights Activist Judith Heumann. Recipients of the Judith Heumann Disability Rights Advocacy Award embody the leadership, passion, spirit, and persistence of Judith Heumann.

The Faculty Staff Council for Disability Inclusion seeks to recognize employees who have contributed substantially to inclusion of individuals with disabilities on campus and have served as change agents in disability inclusion and innovation. Nominees may demonstrate outstanding contributions through taking an active or leadership role in promoting awareness, innovations, leadership, policy development, programs, environmental change, identifying and addressing a current need in disability inclusion through advocacy, serving as a change agent, and/or providing exceptional mentorship and support for the benefit of the campus community.  

Nominations will be solicited in September from or on behalf of individual University of Kansas Employees, and/or a team of employees who have demonstrated substantial contributions and/or advancements in fostering disability inclusion.  Nominations will be carefully reviewed by Council members to determine if the contribution(s) creates lasting and substantial change in disability inclusion and/or in the disability community that aligns with Judith Heumann's work and legacy.

If the Council determines it is appropriate to bestow this recognition upon one of the nominees, the Judith Heumann Disability Rights Advocacy Award will be given during the annual October ADA RCEA National Disability Employment Awareness Celebration.   Notification of this honor will be publicized through appropriate KU websites and social media outlets, events, etc.  Judith Heumann will also receive notification of the awardee(s) and the contributions the person(s) have made to the movement and to the advancement of disability inclusion and advocacy rights.

Nomination Applications Due September 16, 2022

Award Recipients Receive

  • Certificate of Award

  • Recognition at the National Disability Employment Awareness Celebration

  • Article in KU Today highlighting accomplishments

  • $1000 monetary award

  • Recognition by Judith Heumann