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Juneteenth at KU 2021

June 19 – Juneteenth – is regarded as a Liberation Day for Black Americans. It is the day in 1865 that former slaves learned of their emancipation two and a half years earlier during the American Civil War. This coming June 18, 2021, I invite everyone in our community to reflect on this fact of our American history and consider joining in these activities.


Reflection Questions

  • What does the significance of acknowledging Juneteenth as a federal holiday mean to you? 
  • In understanding the significance of Juneteenth, what’re you doing to embrace celebration, as well as find joy internally?  
  • What’re the next steps the community needs to take to support this progression?   
  • What would make you feel more seen within your community?  
  • How can KU create a space for you to feel seen and heard?  
  • What’re you actively doing to support the Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color community during the Juneteenth celebration? On a daily basis? 
  • How can KU help elevate your learning as an ally, in the midst of the Juneteenth celebration? 
  • How can you make your celebration and acts of solidarity go beyond simply being symbolic?  

Share your responses on social media with #KUJuneteenth or tag us on Twitter, @ku_diversity.