Sexuality & Gender Diversity Faculty Staff Council

Our council’s purpose is to provide space for people to establish, build, and maintain community. Our focus is to create an immersion space with queer folks and to have a space where we can be authentically queer and be valid in our identities. We use this platform to be a more centralized and unified voice for queer + issues and be the voice for people who cannot be out and safe to advocate for change from micro to macro level.  

Constitution Condensed

Purpose & Goals

The purpose of the council is to support programs and initiatives focused on growing a culturally rich campus through community building, advocacy, social justice and diversity education, leadership and the development of informed citizens. The Council works to identify institutional, structural, and cultural initiatives that make the University of Kansas and welcoming, accepting, and vibrant learning environment for LGBTQIA+ communities.


Membership shall be open to all university faculty, unclassified/support staff, and graduate students who are interested in and supportive of the objectives stated above.

Current Council Leadership

  • Meg Paceley, President

  • Briana McGeough, Vice President

  • Xoe Cranberry, Communication Coordinator/Historian

  • Rebecca Baumler, Grad Student Representative

Council Activities

All council activities are based on general member input. Here are some of our past events:

  • Book club with Native Faculty Staff Council reading Ladybird Collected
  • KU Drag Showcase attendance
  • Movie screenings
  • Happy hours
  • End-of-Semester picnic
  • Lavender Graduation
Group of people standing on sidewalk and grass holding rainbow umbrellas, rainbow fans, and flags.

Advocacy & Partnerships

The Faculty Staff Council has individuals operate in campus liaison capacities based on their availability and willingness. In that capacity, individuals may

  • Attend and engage in regular meetings with the Provost and Vice Provost for DEIB to advocate for queer/trans needs.
  • Engage in inter-council partnerships to build community and advocate for intersectional approaches and relationships.
  • Meet with prospective staff/faculty/graduate students upon request to build relationships and provide information about campus culture.
  • Partners, collaborates, and advocates with the Center for Sexuality and Gender Diversity. Assists with the implementation of Safe Zone trainings.

Contact Information

The best way to get directly in touch with the SGD Council is via email. The account is monitored by all executive board members and the Historian/Communication coordinator will be the primary responder. There are also several other ways to get connected.

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