Working With Faculty & Staff Councils

If you are conducting a job search and would like your candidate to meet with members(s) of the faculty staff councils, please complete the request form so that our office can assist you in that process. Please do not reach out directly to those council leaders.

Request Form

What is the process?

  • A search committee member submits a request form to DEIB after consulting with the candidate about what, if any, FSCs the candidate would like to connect with. 

  • Multiple councils can be selected, so the form only needs to be submitted once per candidate. 

  • Once a request is received, a DEIB staff member will be in touch to get any additional necessary information and then reaches out to the contacts for the requested FSCs. 

  • Those leaders solicit volunteers from their groups and then pass their names along to DEIB. 

  • DEIB then puts those volunteers in touch with the search committee representative. 

  • Turnaround times on DEIB’s end are usually 24-38 hours, and depends on the current DIEB workload. 

  • Beyond that outreach, we have less control over how long it takes to get a volunteer from any given FSC, and the form is clear that submitting the form does not guarantee a representative from the requested group will be available. 

  • FSCs are fully self-governed and members do this on a completely voluntary basis and sometimes availability simply does not match. 

  • Additionally, if the interview schedule is not yet finalized or the search committee does not have clear times to provide, the process of identifying and communicating times can lead to the process taking longer and feeling more difficult for all involved. 

Why do I have to go through DEIB?

Part of having DEIB as an intermediary is also to assist with getting prompt responses. DEIB provides administrative support to the Councils and is regularly in contact with FSC leadership, which I’m confident leads to greater awareness of and attention to communications from the office. The Councils very much appreciate the opportunity to connect with candidates and work to find available volunteers for opportunities when DEIB reaches out.